Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction Observation Path

Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction Observation Path

The Silk Road International Culture Exchange Center

Tokyo Toranomon Global Square


Case Study
Global headquarters for 30,000 human resources from around the world Alibaba's Xixi Phase 5 Project in Hangzhou, China, scheduled for completion in 2023
Overall bird’s-eye view This project is the fifth phase of headquarters buildings for Alibaba Group in Xixi Park Hangzhou China. With a total floor area of approximately 960,000 square meters, it consists of workplaces for approximately 30,000 people, conference centers, exhibition and visitor centers, and recreational facilities. It will be connected to another existing Alibaba’s building through an underground path across the road to create an integrated office campus of Alibaba Group. In Dec. 2017, “Alibaba Innovation Valley” proposed by Nihon Sekkei,Inc. was selected in the international competition. In July 2017, we began the architectural design, and the construction began in April 2019 for the completion in April of 2023.   Bird’s-eye view of the entire Xixi Park Seven buildings of visitor center and six office buildings are arranged centered around a large courtyard open to the south. These building units are called “Creative THINK CUBE” and each unit is connected to the others with “Exchange Ring” on second floor. By linking all building units together, it easily allows to change the ratio between head office functions and related companies’ one for the response to future business environmental change. The “Creative THINK CUBE” is a large 6,000㎡ workplace on a single floor, with a central atrium space for active communications among employees and also departments. This project will be directly connected to a subway station currently under-constructed and existing Alibaba Xixi Park Phase 1 and create Alibaba Office campus with the entire area.       Interior view of the “Creative THINK CUBE”   MEDIA ROOF expresses corporate identity. The MEDIA ROOF, which stretches 480 meters horizontally along the main road on the south side of the site, welcomes employees and visitors. This roof is a symbol that integrates the sense of unity and belonging of employees while harmonizing with the context of Hangzhou’s historical traditions and natural environment. It is also an attempt to express the corporate identity in a different way than a high-rise building tower. The visitor center has meeting rooms and exhibition spaces that can be used for large events to promote the company. MEDIA ROOF, a symbol of the approach space Interior view of the Visitor Center PROJECT DATA Name   Alibaba Xixi Park Fifth Phase Project Location  Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Project Owner  Alibaba Group Main use  Headquarters office, conference, exhibition and visitor center, recreational facilities Scheduled completion  2023 Site area 265,669㎡ Total floor area 584,471 ㎡ above ground, 397,610 ㎡ below grade Structure   Structure RC, partially S structure Number of Floors   15 floors with 2 basement floors



Awards News
Won the "IEIJ Good Lighting Award"
KagaMihara City Hall tall building won award.
Awards News
Won the "iF DESIGN AWARD 2022"
Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction Observation Path won the Award.
think “Urban Architecture Series Seminar” YouTube Streaming Information.
The challenges facing cities, like transportation, environmental issues, disaster prevention, and energy have become more complex over time. And now, we are facing issues that the society as a whole must tackle, such as COVID-19 and the achievement of decarbonization by 2050. Since its establishment, Nihon Sekkei has been involved in a number of “urban architecture” projects that clarified and realized the public interest of the city for each era, utilizing its knowledge and technology. We will hold a series of seven seminars, inviting professors and specialists who are active in the fields of architecture and urbanism, to look back on past urban architecture and discuss new visions for the next generation of cities. The fourth and subsequent seminars will be announced in June or later. Please access and watch it from the official YouTube channel of Nihon Sekkei. No pre-registration is required. *Distributed content is in Japanese only.   The 1st session: “Where Should the Ever-Renewing Cities Go?” Lecturer: Mr. Takayuki Kishii  Webcasted on April 27, 2022. President of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS) ・ Visiting Professor of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Urban Engineering with a Master’s degree from the Urban Engineering Department in 1977・Doctor Degree(Engineering). After working for the Ministry of Construction, taught from 1992 at the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Nihon University. Representative Director of IBS, from 2017. Specially Appointed Professor of Nihon University 2018-2022. President of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 2010-2012. Presenter: Mr. Toyokawa Saikaku   Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. Mr. Mitsuji Matsumoto   Executive Officer and Principal of Urban Planning Department of Nihon Sekkei. Video Overview: This video reviews the past 20 years of urban renewal and prospects the future of “urban architecture”. 1. Lecture by Mr. Kishii on urban renewal and urban architecture. 2. Introduction of the history of Nihon Sekkei’s urban architecture by Mr. Matsumoto, through recent publication “Urban Architecture TOKYO” 3. Discussion on Urban Renewal. ・Urban Renewal Special Districts: changes from development regulations of the 20th century ・Changes in urban planning process ・Sharing the significance of urban planning proposals ・Roles and expectations of the government ・Future issues of urban renewal 4. The following subjects related to urban architecture ・Urban architecture and beyond ・From the downtowns to the suburbs ・The attractiveness of provincial cities ・The role of urban planning in the future
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