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Urban Development of Maturity Society


TOD (Transit Oriented Development) is Urban development premised on utilizing public transportation without any dependence on cars.
Especially in Japan, each of their daily life stories will be developed centering on stations or bus terminals. Various urban functions are integrated at the terminal and its surroundings.
Recently, formation of safe and comfortable pedestrian networks and improvement of traffic environment are developed utilizing its space emphasizing on Public transportation. TOD that consolidates the various functions is practically utilized in various parts of Japan.
NIHON SEKKEI has involved and developed in various TOD projects in Tokyo since 1967.
Urban life is not only supported by public transportation, but also by roads, rivers, supplying disposing facilities, parks and green areas, and Urban Infrastructure.
Though Urban Development linked to renewal and redevelopment of the city foundation is placed as IOD (Infrastructure Oriented Development), NIHON SEKKEI tries to achieve “Realization of Abundant urban human life”, “Pursuit of financial rationality”, and “Co-existence of Natural Environment”.
“Toranomon Hills”, “Park City Osaki“ and various design projects were developed and realized in Japan, China, and South East Asian areas.
Section of Loop2 linking Shinbashi to Toranomon Hills


WUXI Central Station TOD Project, which each transportation concentrates, such as railroad, subway, coach, taxi, and etc.

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