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ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
Exterior view from Tenjin Central Park taken in spring 2015
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
The Step Garden is continuous with Tenjin Central Park
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
It is possible to walk through from Tenjin Central Park to the top Floor Observatory
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
The airy Atrium filled with natural light from above
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
Fukuoka Symphony Hall
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
Exterior view from Tenjin Central Park taken in spring 1995

ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)

Acros Fukuoka is a multi-use complex facility with a high public profile, integrating private functions such as offices and retail spaces together with prefectural facilities such as the symphony hall and international conference center around a huge central Atrium. the most distinctive characteristic of this facility is the Step Garden planned as a continuation of Tenjin Central Park.
By imaging the building as a mountain, the spaces and planting are designed to evoke the traditional themes of natural beauty of the passing seasons in Japanese art (花鳥風月: literally Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon). They form an urban oasis providing solace and relaxation to all passing through.
the greenery of the Step Garden has grown over time and even now thrive with almost no watering, pesticide or fertilizer use.

Project Summary

Project Name
ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall)
Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Major Use
Office, Commercial, Cultural Complex
Mar. 1995
Total Floor Area
14F 4BF
Basic Planning Partner / Takenaka Corpotaion, Emilio Ambasz
Design Partner / Takenaka Corporation
Photo Credit
Kawasumi・Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office


2024 JIA 25 years Award
2003 Environmental and Equipment Design Award
2003 AACA Award
2002 Nikkei BP Engineering Award
2002 Eco Build Award
2002 Roof, walls, special greening technology Competition Prize
2000 The 4th Annual Business Week/Architectural Record Awards 2000
2000 JIA Environmental Architecture Award
1999 Fukuoka Urban Beautification Award
1996 Town Planning of Green Award
1996 BCS Award
1996 Good Lighting Award
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