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Nagahama City Hall
Main East façade
Nagahama City Hall
South entrance
Converted part on left, new construction on right
Nagahama City Hall
The promenade along the square connecting the street network is lined with local Nagahama Japanese cedar rafters
Nagahama City Hall
Entrance Lobby with spacious space by the windows and a glimpse of the courtyard at back
Nagahama City Hall
Assembly Hall

Nagahama City Hall

The new City Hall converted the old municipal hospital blended in with additional spaces.

The conversion of the old hospital involved reduction of floor area and seismic retrofitting to increase the seismic strength, by removing the old pre-cast concrete panels on the hospital and recladding with Extruded Concrete Panels (ECP), removing the penthouse and opening up a new atrium by removing some floors.
The reduction in floor area created a new atrium that also improves ventilation and natural lighting, making for a better environmental footprint.

A new Disaster Tower was installed that looks out over the city, symbolizing the safety and security of citizens through its function as the emergency center and also acts as a night lamp that broadcasts alerts when a disaster occurs.
A pedestrian corridor covered with locally produced Japanese cedar roof goes through the site and connects the central city area on Station Road with the main road to the east, forming the central axis of the community. The new route secures a vital path for citizens and places the city hall closer to the community.

Project Summary

Project Name
Nagahama City Hall
Nagahama-shi, Shiga, Japan
Major Use
City Hall
Feb. 2014
Total Floor Area
21,538 m²
Photo Credit
Ishiguro Photograph Laboratory


2017 BELCA Award
2016 The Best of New Office Award
2016 SDA Award
2016 Good Lighting Award


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