Construction Supervision

Resilient Organization to provide the best quality and performance in buildings

The importance of Construction Supervision has recently increased. The neutrality of design offices is broadly required and the needs to execute various procedures in lieu of the Client have heightened.
We utilize our comprehensive expertise to meet the current needs of our Clients and society to provide high quality, safe and secure buildings.

We formulate a Supervision Policy Document (Site Operation Manual) prior to commencement of construction on site and begin our services after explaining to our Clients and contractors in their use. Beginning with the assistance and cooperation during the selection of the contractor, we conduct proposal reviews for construction methods of shortening time and rationalizing construction, assistance, issuing instruction for VE/CD proposals and determining the most appropriate construction schedule. During construction stage, we review all the work plans submitted by the contractor and provide aid with and instructions and confirmation by primary testing when necessary, prior to commencement of any fabrication or site work.
During fabrication and site work, we implement site inspections required as third party to secure the precise execution with accurate schedule.

Throughout the whole process, we maintain careful administrative control and report to the client. At mid-term Inspections, we deploy the inspectors, a separate specialists, to assure our quality to perform the completed facility further.