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Landscape Design / Civil Engineering

Creating value by Connecting People and Nature in Landscape design and Urban infrastructure reorganization

We have realized landscape designs that create region-specific vistas while increasing value for various facilities, by understanding natural environments and local history, as well as giving them new energy. By incorporating advanced technology, we are dedicated to work with highly specialized ideas in pioneering Green Infrastructure that takes full advantage of the blessings of nature, enhancing biodiversity as an asset to the projects, and designing a place to promote the maturation of the community.
As cities are concentrations of numerous functionalities, the importance of urban infrastructure reorganization is increasing in response to the renewal of various facilities and changes in the times.
Whether in the urban planning process, redevelopment of the streets and facilities around stations, or the renovation of existing infrastructure, we will provide comprehensive solutions to reorganize urban areas and increase the value of a city through planning, design, and supervision of urban infrastructure, all while respecting a place’s history and breath of the place.

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