Landscape Design/ Civil Engineering

Total Proposal Design that value Connection between People and Nature with their management and operation

Facilities and the city become a continuous whole through their open spaces, forming a part of the cityscape and local environment. It has become necessary to breathe new life into each site based on understanding its natural environment and historical legacy to revitalize the community while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with rich nature.

We coordinate with other specialists in architecture, civil engineering, building systems design and urban design to provide innovative and advanced ideas that create the vistas and landscapes that are necessary to increase the value of the area and the site. We create visionary designs in exteriors for architecture, parks, squares, streetscapes and elevated gardens. We extend our designs to master plans and financial planning at a regional scale for cityscapes, regional green boulevards, central city forests , re-creation of “Satoyama”.

Provision of Civil Engineering constructions and Infrastructure

We provide services for negotiations with local authorities to coordinate with local development and assistance in acquiring development permits in addition to design for roads, station front squares, pedestrian decks, and underground pedestrian passages. We further provide design and supervision services for various basic urban utilities such as energy infrastructure including common use utility tunnels and inlet constructions required for Smart Cities.

Finally, we provide services utilizing our comprehensive architectural and engineering capacity to respond to new challenges faced by society. By coordinating related disciplines in landscape design, urban planning and environmental system design, we have developed proposals for next generation infrastructure, such as Green Infrastructure, which improve the urban environment and provide increased resilience to natural disasters