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think ++ Seminar



When imagining societies, cities and architecture of the future, one must have a basic knowledge of surrounding natural environments and ever-changing technological advancements. In hope of creating opportunities to envision the future together, Nihon Sekkei invites you to the think++Seminar, which is held twice a year and led by notable guests from various fields.


The sixth seminar of think++human & nature [Abundant forests nurtured by people]

Japan is a land of forests. Some 67% of its land is covered with forest, yet its presence is disappearing from the everyday life of Japanese people. Today we are in need of interpreters who can reconnect people with the forests. Mr. Hayami is the ninth-generation logger of the Hayami Forest, a family company founded in Mie during the Edo period. The company’s effort to establish sustainable forest management plans that foster healthy relationships between the natural environments and local communities was recognized by the international organization, Forest Stewardship Council, and it became the first company to obtain the FSC forest management certification in Japan in 2000. With his passion for pursuing an ideal forestry, Mr. Hayami will share his insight into the current state of forestry in Japan and its future. We hope this seminar provides opportunities to learn about the beauty that the forests offer and think about what we can do to protect them.


[Seminar title] Healthy forests nurtured by people

[Date] November 21, 2019 (Thursday)

[Time] 16:00 (doors open), 16:30 (start), 18:50 (end)

[Venue] The National Art Center, Tokyo, third-floor auditorium (7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

[Lecturer] Tohru Hayami

Born in 1953. Graduated from Keio University. CEO of Forest Revitalization System Co. Ltd., Deputy representative of FSC Japan.

He has served as a committee member for the following organizations:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – Forestry Policy Council
  • Ministry of Environment – Central Environmental Subcommittee
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism – National Land Development Council Planning Division
  • The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences – Departmental Administration Council

as well as a chairman/trustee/special adviser for the following organizations:

  • Forest Management Association of Japan (past)
  • Mie Prefectural Government /Committee of Business Management Strategy (current)
  • AEON Environmental Foundation Trustee (current)
  • Forest Management Association of Mie (current)
  • Mie Prefectural Forestry Academy (current)



Emperor’s Trophy – The 57th Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Cup, 2019


“Restoration of Japanese Forestry Trade” (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc), co-author of “Dialogue on the future of Japanese forestry” (Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co., Ltd.)

[Admission] Free

[Capacity] 250

[Application Deadline] No longer available

For more information, please contact: (from Nihon Sekkei corporate website)

Nihon Sekkei Public Relations Office:

Sponsored by Nihon Sekkei

Event brochure available for download: (link)

This seminar is a part of a mutual accreditation program for the following CPD system participants: Japan Association of Architectural Firms, JIA, JFABEA, JAEIC, APEC Architects, APEC Engineers, FCIP

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