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Reorganization of the corporate structure (scheduled to take effect on October 1, 2019)

This is an announcement regarding the reorganization of the corporate structure, which is scheduled to take effect on October 1, 2019.

The Life Science Facilities Design Department will be reorganized as Life Science Project Department, which will continue to specialize in design for the medical field with its accumulated expertise, but also extend its reach to other advancing and growing fields.

The primary vision of the Life Science Project Department aims for the following:

  • Extending its scope from medical care to fields of research and education, as well as other industries related to “Life Science” and continue accumulating specialized knowledge and expertise.
  • With the specialized knowledge and expertise, the department will take on facility design projects for associated industries of Life Science such as genomics, iPS tissue research, cell culturing, radiotherapy, anti-aging, pre-symptomatic illness and preventative medicine.
  • Further reinforcing Nihon Sekkei’s reputation as a leading architectural firm with expertise in campus design that integrates facilities for medicines, medical care and research. With “Life Science” at its core, the department will develop innovative strategies through design to address social and economic issues that will rise hereafter.


For an updated organization chart, please click here.

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