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Strategies for Achieving the SDGs

For over 50 years since its establishment, Nihon Sekkei Inc. has been committed to realizing a thriving society and lifestyles by contributing to the improvement of the global environment, while applying our technical capabilities. We will continue our effort to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society under our philosophy of creativity, utilizing experience and achievements.
For this purpose, we are confirming and announcing our SDGs declaration, in which we share our philosophy of SDGs with deep understanding of ESG (environment, social, and governance) invests, take contribution to global economy, society, and the environment into account, and continue to pursue technological innovations.
Furthermore, each member of Nihon Sekkei will re-acknowledge the SDGs as a universal language, strive to meet its goals, and take them as an opportunity to reconsider their everyday work and individual lifestyle.
Please look forward to the various endeavors and reforms of Nihon Sekkei in the future.

SDGs logos and icons representing the 17 goals (from the official site of the United Nations Information Centre)


Nihon Sekkei SDGs Declaration

Under the philosophy of creativity to “Cherish the Individual, Respect Nature and Innovate the Future, ” Nihon Sekkei acts as a “Collective of Genuine Professionals ” in order to achieve our vision of a “Co-creation of Future Values .” This spirit lies at the bottom of our day-to-day operations.
Today, global efforts to achieve the SDGs are developing rapidly . We look back over the 50 years of our history addressing economic, societal, and environmental issues as the eco-friendly Nihon Sekkei, and elucidate the essence of what is desired by the global community. We will also continue to tackle the co-creation of future values in cooperation with various stakeholder to achieve a society where each individual can exert his/her abundant potential.
Nihon Sekkei will seek to become an organization to encourage the core value of the SDGs—to Leave No One Behind , and each members to improve own way of life.


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