Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Nihon Sekkei appreciates the kind understanding and support of its clients and others since its foundation in 1967 and we will celebrate our 50th anniversary on September 1st 2017.

Looking back on these 50 years, we have been engaged on numerous projects that have contributed to social development in many fields related to architecture and the environment. Through our works, our staff have grown in skill and our technologies have been burnished and on these skills and technologies we have earned the trust of society“. Team, Technology and Trust” are our most treasured assets.

Furthermore, the business environment around us has changed dramatically with the changes occurring in society in our times. We are now revisiting the organizational raison d’etre of Nihon Sekkei, reconfirming the values we have held since our founding to formulate“ Nihon Sekkei Philosophy”, the management policy that delineates our company vision for the next 50 and 100 years, which has been shared with all our staff. Following on our Philosophy, we have set on the corporate tagline“ think++” as the embodiment of our Vision“ Co-creation of Future Values”.

Our creative principles, expressed in the words“ Cherish the Individual, Respect Nature and Innovate the Future” are realized through the Vision“ Co-creation of Future Values” to strive to create a constant improvement in our values. In addition, we will leverage our treasured assets “Team, Technology and Trust” to constantly“ think” together with all concerned to contribute to society through our creative activities in architecture, the city and the environment as a “Collective of Genuine Professionals”, and thereby becoming an essential member of the community.

President, CEO Yoshinori CHIDORI