Case Study

The Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)               Scenarios for Post COVID-19 Era

A new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently raging across the world. The necessary distance in between people’s daily life due to the risk of infecting anyone, has forced us to rethink about the social structure that pursues the efficiency by concentrating people and goods in cities and buildings. This situation is closely related to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and at the same time, it should accelerate those efforts toward the realization of various goals, such as promotion of energy saving and decarbonization, work style reform, promotion of health and wellness, and BCP/BCD.
It should also reflect as a new perspective in the field of architecture and town development.
Taking this opportunity, Nihon Sekkei would like to take the opportunity of further research and developing designs for planning, specification, and function for the projects in the coming future (post COVID-19).
Lists in below are the coming articles of what Nihon Sekkei concerns to tackle the issues.

1. Healthcare Facilities and Architectural Planning  Released on 2020.05.15
2. Healthcare Facilities and MEP Planning        Released on 2020.05.22
3. Air Quality – Study on HVAC Systems -          Released on 2020.05.29
4. Work Life Style in the Post COVID-19 Era        Released on 2020.06.15